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How Can a Sport and Exercise Medicine Specialist Help

SEM doctors specialise in the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic soft-tissue and bony injuries. They can arrange rapid and appropriate investigations (such as MRI, ultrasound and x-rays), perform joint injections and co-ordinate appropriate treatment, rehabilitation and return-to-exercise, working closely with a range of other practitioners including physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists and trainers.

In addition, SEM doctors have in depth knowledge of how becoming more physically active improves health and prevents and treats a whole host of chronic diseases. Importantly, if you want to become more active or start a new exercise programme, they can advise you on how to do this safely.

If you are training at a more intensive level but are experiencing problems with fatigue and under performance Sports Medicine Specialists are also able to investigate why this might be occurring and help you get back to peak performance.


What happens during the consultation

We will ask you tell us lots of detail about the condition you have come about. We will also ask questions about other aspects of your health that may affect the condition.

We will then examine both the area in question and also look more generally at how you move as this can have an impact on how you load an injured area. It is very helpful if you can bring shorts with you as this makes it much easier to conduct the examination.

After we have taken a detailed history and examined you we will discuss what we have found and recommend investigations (eg scans, blood tests etc) if required. Once we have a clear diagnosis we will give you the options for treatment and recommend an appropriate management plan. Often this will involve working with physiotherapists or other manual therapists and rehabilitation specialists.

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