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In 1991 Peter Hamlyn, along with two other neurosurgeons, founded this national charity. Their mission was to offer a little of the help which cancer and heart charities provide their recipients with to the 10 million people affected by brain and spine conditions in the UK.

Since that time he has acted as its Honorary Vice-Chairman. It has raised tens of millions of pounds, supported research into brain tumours, brain haemorrhage, brain and spinal injury, launched many research careers and funded an extraordinary national information and support service for patients and their careers. It has pioneered improved techniques for the training for frontline medical staff in the recognition and treatment of the neurological disorders. It is a national charity which delivers its services free to those who need them.

The Spine Surgery London is committed to supporting the Brain and Spine Foundation. Like Mr Hamlyn, many of his patients have likewise supported the Foundation. It is our pleasure to introduce you to a little of its work.

The charity relies almost entirely on voluntary donations and fundraising events to provide the services which have helped so many thousands of people across the UK and brought us nearer to curing some of the devastating conditions which affect the brain, its spine and their peripheral nerves.

The Brain and Spine Foundation is committed to improving services across the whole spectrum of neurological conditions, as well as recognition and awareness of the impact of these conditions.

The main objectives are to:

  • expand access to quality information and support for patients and carers;
  • improve the skills of medical professionals and delivery of services to the public;
  • raise the profile of neurological conditions and disabilities; and
  • increase the level of research into neurological disorders.

Who does it help?

  • People affected by brain and spine conditions
  • Medical and educational professionals dealing with the effects of brain and spine conditions

Where does it work?

Across the United Kingdom.

What is it doing today?

  • Provide information and support for adults and children affected by neurological conditions
  • Develop training and tools for medical and educational professionals

How do we help?

  • Helpline - specialist neuroscience nurses available 24 hours a week
  • Booklets and Factsheets - available on a wide range of neurological symptoms, conditions and investigative techniques
  • Website: free downloads, discussion groups and contact details for other sources of support
  • Training resources - developing materials to help professionals in both the medical and educational fields: see our Information Access Toolkit, educational psychology handbook and information about our communication skills project

Further details are available from:

Brain and Spine Foundation
3.36 Canterbury Court
Kennington Park
1-3 Brixton Road
London SW9 6DE
Telephone: 020 7793 5900
Email: info@brainandspine.org.uk
Brain and Spine Helpline: 0808 808 1000

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