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The Spine Surgery London is committed to providing the best care to our patients, whether you're based a few steps down the road, the other end of the country, or even if you live on the other side of the globe.

We understand that our patients travel far and wide to speak with our consultants but that does not mean you need to need to leave the comforts of your home to receive the best after care. You may well benefit from home-based physiotherapy and this page is designed to help you make that choice and give you all the information you should have in order to make an informed decision.

Is Home Physiotherapy the Right Decision For Me?

There are many excellent physiotherapy centres based around London, and indeed globally, that are recognised and recommended by The Spine Surgery London. The benefits of these centres are the excellent facilities that they have at their disposal and, for many patients, seeing a physiotherapist in a static centre will be the most appropriate and health beneficial option.

Of course, patients with limited mobility and patients whose busy lifestyles leave them with little time for travel are right to seek a more convenient option for their physiotherapy.

We would always encourage our patients to speak with their primary physician at The Spine Surgery London (or your GP for non-patients) if you are considering physiotherapy for the first time, or if you are looking to change physiotherapist.

‚ÄčWho Provides This Service?

Increasingly, more and more chartered physiotherapists are offering home physiotherapy as part of their service. Patients who are familiar with The Spine Surgery London's Physical Therapy Network will be aware that we only refer our patients to physiotherapists who we know and trust to deliver the high level of service that we expect you to receive.

Mr Peter Hamlyn, Director and Founder of The Spine Surgery London, has developed a relationship with Physit; a London based door-to-door physiotherapy specialist service that caters to the increasing demand for home and office-based physiotherapy. Through regular meetings with their physiotherapists and consultants at The Spine Surgery London, Physit have a unique understanding of the particular treatments our patients will require before and following surgery - catering a level of service that is hard to rival. For more information about Physit, please click here.


We, at The Spine Surgery London, are always looking for the best service providers to complete those vital steps in our patients' treatment. As and when we encounter providers of an excellent home physiotherapy service, we will update this page as appropriate.

If you, as a patient or physiotherapist, would like to recommend a home-based physiotherapist that you know to be of the highest quality, please contact us so that we may vet them further by emailing: enquiries@spinesurgerylondon.com.




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