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This type of scan works by using a small dose of a radioactive chemical, otherwise known as an isotope. The particular isotope used depends on which organ or part of the body is to be scanned.

An isotope is a chemical which emits a type of radioactivity called gamma rays. A tiny amount of isotope is put into the body, usually by an injection into a vein.

You either swallow a small quantity of isotope, or it is injected into a vein in your arm. It then takes some time - sometimes several hours (depending on what is being scanned) - for the isotope to travel to the target organ or tissue, and to be 'taken' into the active cells. So, after receiving the isotope you may have to wait a few hours. You may be able to go out and come back to the scanning room later in the day.  So, the whole process can take several hours.

We will arrange the scan for you at The Spine Surgery London and advise you on any necessary preparations.

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