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Fees, Terms and Insurance

Strict terms and conditions apply to our providing private medical services. These need to be accepted, by signing the registration form, before you book in.

  • Patients are always responsible for all their fees – not their insurers.
  • Fees are charged for consultations and operations.
  • Fees for all reasonable letters, reports, prescriptions and administrative work are included in the above.
  • All consultation fees are to be paid on the day
  • Quotes are provided for all operations and are paid before admission.
  • Insured patients pay as above and claim back.
  • To use your insurance to pay us directly you must  do all the following:
    • Accept full responsibility for all your fees and ensure that your insurer pays within 28days.
    • Pay all invoices not paid at 28 days
    • Provide now a reliable day time telephone number which we will use to take overdue payments over the telephone by card. e.g., excesses, shortfalls and all late payments
    • Obtain “authorisation” for all consultations/operations and give us details of any authorisation numbers beforehand.– for some companies you need a new one each time
    • Pay all anticipated shortfalls for outpatients on the day and lodge those for operations with the office before admission.
    • Accept that this facility is only available to patients with insurers on our approved list and for some it excludes use for outpatient invoices. You are responsible for asking what we accept yours for.
  • Be careful. Medical care is expensive. Medical insurance is rarely comprehensive. Remember even if you are insured and “authorised” you are always entirely responsible for all fees.
  • Please note we no longer deal with AXAPPP for outpatient fees unless you are with the Royal Ballet or UBS schemes.
  • Note too; information given by insurers about fees or payments does not influence your responsibility for the fees or override any of that which is set out here.

Outpatient Fees

  • All initial out patient consultations with Dr Tillett are £200.00 and with Mr Hamlyn £350.00
  • All follow-up appointments with Dr Tillett are £160.00 and with Mr Hamlyn £225.00
  • If you elect to have your consultations by telephone our work is the same and these are charged for at the same rate. Insurers may decline to pay for these.

Procedure Fees

Quotes for all operations are provided which give a written title/description of the procedure, and our fees. The fee covers all administration and visits during that admission. It does not include any follow-up consultation unless specifically stated by us before hand. Insurers have a system of codes (CCSD) for procedures with which they determine how much they will contribute to your fee.

If requested we will suggest the code, or codes, that are in our view relevant though coding is their domain and does not influence the fee we charge. If you have asked for us to deal directly with them check if you have a shortfall and lodge this with us before admission.


We have links with BUPA, AXAPPP, the sports and professional schemes such as the English Institute of Sport, Rugbycare, the Premiere League Football scheme and that operated by The Royal Ballet. Likewise, Medisure, WPA, Cigna, Groupama, PruHealth, Standard Life and Norwich Union/AVIVA, Permanent Healthcare. The vast majority cover consultation, diagnostic and many operation/procedure fees in full. All pay the hospital’s bills in full (unless you have a specific shortfall). AXAPPP and BUPA have reduced the cover they offer and patients with this insurance may experience shortfalls in both outpatient and operation fees in addition to restrictions on the physiotherapists they can see. They should inform you of any excesses on your policy and the shortfalls. Obviously the type of insurance you have does not alter the fees charged. Most of these shortfalls constitute only a small percentage of our overall fees though substantial shortfalls in operation fees may occur. Even BUPA and AXAPPP pay the hospital’s bills in full.

How to make payments

  • By cheque made payable to “Mr P J Hamlyn” or “Dr E Tillett” (depending on who you saw) delivered to 30 Devonshire Street, London W1G 6PU.
  • By telephone using debit or credit* card (Visa or MasterCard) – Call - 0207 935 3721 – normal office hours.
  • By debit or credit* card at 30 Devonshire Street. Service is available 9am to 5pm i.e. not at evening clinics.
  • *Please note, for credit card payments a 2.5% handling charge is added
  • No facilities for payments are available after 5pm or at the other clinics (Broadgate or Pure Sport). Please attend to these payments beforehand, preferably by card over the telephone.
  • Others of course may pay on your behalf using any of the above methods.


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