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Whilst endoscopic techniques have long since revolutionised surgery on joints, (arthroscopic surgery), of abdominal surgery, in the chest, in the womb and even in the brain, the spine has until now proved insurmountable.

The combined challenges of its confined anatomy, its deep location and the delicate nature of the spinal nerves left spinal endoscopic surgery very much as the final frontier.

Having taken years to develop, it is not surprising that it takes a good deal of time for even highly experienced surgeons to become confident in all its potential. It is for this reason that The Spine Surgery London recruited Europe’s and one of the World’s most experienced practitioners to help in the development of our service.

Our group has an expertise derived from over 1500 procedures. No other centre in the UK and very few in the world, can bring anything like this level of experience to bear on your problem. 

What that experience tells us is that it clearly has a major role in advanced spinal surgery though there remains a need for the established keyhole methods it will substantially replace. Groups like The Spine Surgery London will need to offer both. Sadly, what that experience also tells us is that it offers such a huge step forward in reducing the collateral tissue damage of surgery and thereby the discomfort and recovery times that with so few experts to guide and train we can expect to see problems with its introduction into surgical communities that have hitherto not been exposed to it, i.e., the UK.

With similar breakthroughs, the history of surgical evolution is one of rapid uptake but a phase of somewhat indiscriminate usage, old lessons being needlessly re-learnt in centres with poor case selection.

That is why The Spine Surgery London has not only had its surgeons travel to be professionally trained, and trained by the world’s experts, but has recruited the most experienced pioneer of the technique from Europe in to the team.

UK patients no longer have to travel abroad to get this kind of surgery and patients from around the globe can now access a service developed by the World’s leading experts in the World’s number one capital, London!


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