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    Schoen Clinic London, 66 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 2SB

Owned by BMI, The Chaucer hospital has an extensive array of consultant physicians and surgeons covering all the major specialties. It has all the basic operating theatre, high dependency, out-patient, pharmacy and investigation facilities. It has MRI and CT scanning facilities. Neurophysiology and other tests are done elsewhere, often at the adjacent Kent and Canterbury Hospital. It has a large car park.

Mr Hamlyn sees patients here on a Friday morning every week.


To see Mr Hamlyn at The Chaucer Hospital, please contact his secretary at The Spine Surgery London.


The Chaucer Hospital
Nackington Road

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Scans and X –rays:

If you have had these done locally please ensure you have your scans and X-rays with you. My secretaries are in London and, try as we do, films have often ended up elsewhere when we need them. Try to ensure that you actually have them in your hand before the appointment. Our experience of “we have sent them to The Chaucer for Mr Hamlyn” is that they are all too often not there.


Some spinal and peripheral nerve surgery can be undertaken at The Chaucer Hospital. We are always happy to try and organise it here if it is appropriate. There may be a few weeks delay in finding a time as Mr Hamlyn not only has to be available for the operation but also the hospital care thereafter.


There is no mechanism for card payment (to Mr Hamlyn) here though you may arrange this over the telephone with our secretaries at The Spine Surgery London. It is preferred if you do this before your appointment though alternatively you may bring a cheque or cash on the day - the choice is yours.

Correspondence- do NOT send it here but instead to The Spine Surgery London, 30 Devonshire Street, London W1G 6PU.

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