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What do you do in the event of an emergency?

If, once you have got home problems arise, help is available from a number of sources.

First, you may ring my office number. If it is during working hours, this is certainly what you should do. My secretarial staff will be able to contact myself, my clinical assistants or our spinal nurse and obtain advice for you.  If it is out of hours, you may also ring this number and the machine will tell you what to do in the event of an urgent enquiry or you may leave a message.

Second, you may ring the hospital and ask to speak to my Spinal Nurse. In her absence, you should ask to speak to the hospital’s Duty Manager or to the ward staff.  Telephone numbers can be found in our Contact Us section.

You may of course contact your general practitioner or any emergency service should you so wish or if the other avenues fail.

We do not provide a 24 hour emergency service but can respond on most occasions.

If you need help!

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