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On Thursday 25th September, The Spine Surgery London's Mr. Peter Hamlyn took part in the Spinal Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Initiative with other spinal surgeons operating out of The Princess Grace Hospital. The meeting, organised by The Spine Surgery London's own Special Project Lead, Joe Carey, brought together an elite team of spinal surgeons, pain management specialists, osteopaths, sports medicine physicians, and the surgical nursing staff, to discuss a staggering 17 of the most complex, challenging and rare medical cases, receiving the specialist input of The Princess Grace Hospital's most renowned men and women.

What this means for the reader, whether you are a current patient of The Spine Surgery London or considering undergoing treatment with us, is that when you visit one of our specialists, you not only receive the care, dedication, and level of excellent treatment that we pride ourselves on delivering - you may also benefit from the additional experience of the Spinal Multidisciplinary Team (numbering over 200 years of combined knowledge!).

In addition to the discussion of these complex cases, the MDT also provided an open forum to debate the future of spinal surgery at The Princess Grace Hospital, including acquisitions of state of the art operative technology that may well benefit you in the future.



MDT Participants from left to right​: Dr. Ade Adejuwon, Dr. Sujit Vaidya, Mr. Alaggapan Sivaraman, Mr. Colin Natali, Mr. Peter Hamlyn,

Mr. John R. Johnson, Joe Carey, Mr. Hilali Noordeen, Sue Chanterou, Dr. Dean Halfpenny, Shirley Laver, Dearbhla Coffey and Mr. Nick Potter


​Our MDT meetings will continue to be held each month, complemented by a smaller session each week. Current patients are encouraged to speak with their consulting specialist at The Spine Surgery London at their next visit for more details.

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